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Welcome to the Square and Round Dance WebRing

This ring is designed and intended to link square, round, contra, and clogging dance sites to create more exposure for the the GREAT AMERICAN FOLK DANCES.

If your site relates to square dance, round dance, contra or clogging, please join the ring. Clubs, individuals, links pages, suppliers, callers and commercial sites of interest are welcome.

Formerly, this ring was hosted by Webring.org which has recently been purchased by Yahoo. The long html sections that used to be needed have been replaced with a short bit of javascript that is already customized for your site, so there's nothing lengthy to have to modify. What this means is that it's now EASY to join. You DO have to sign up for a Yahoo ID, though. Yahoo promises that privacy is assured; however, if that's a concern, check the privacy policies on Yahoo's site. One thing you can be assured of is that The Square and Round Dance Web Ring will NOT sell or use member information to send anything other than ring information, and only then if it's imperative that members be informed of an issue or problem with the ring.

If you wish to join The Square and Round Dance Web Ring, simply click the "join" link on the navigation bar below:

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