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This site is intended to serve the Wisconsin square dance community and visitors to this state. We are not a part of, nor are we aligned with the Square Dance Association of Wisconsin or any of the area organizations which are under the SDAW umbrella. This is an independent effort which relies on clubs, dancers, callers, cuers, and individuals to give us information on dances, events, lessons, and clubs in their areas.

Our listings are the result of the information which has been provided to us. If there is a club that you know has changed it's dance schedule, contact information, or lessons, please let us know so that we can update the listings.

Our listings are at no cost to clubs, callers, cuers, or organizations. The Wisconsin Square Dance Events pages is and has always been a non-commercial and non-profit effort.

We'd like to thank USDA, the Western Square Dance Page , and the Westport Squares for providing links from their pages. Also, check out, which is an online magazine, and Gerry and Chuck Hardy's pages .

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