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Dance Schedule






January 8 Canceled Weather
January 22 Mike Richard Mike Seurer
January 26 Sprostys   Post Holiday Party - Sunday
January 29 Eric Tangman Jan Bitter  
February 12 Tom & Kathy Nickels Red Treats/Red Dress
February 26 Wayne Irwin/Steve Booth Mike Seurer  
March 12 Wally Smulson Kathy Nickels Green Treats/Green Dress
March 22 Mike Hogan Jerry Buckmaster National Caller - No Passes
March 26 Mike Seurer Al Krol  
April 9 Mike Richard Jerry Buckmaster Sadie Hawkings
April 23 Bobby Poyner Mike Seurer  
April 30 Bob Asp Wally Smulson  
May 14 Sprostys    
May 18 Dean Dederman Jerry Buckmaster Sunday Evening - No Passes
May 21 No Dance    
May 28 Dave Schulz Al Krol  
June 1 Gary Shoemake Jerry Buckmaster
June 11 Eric Tangman Bishops Anniversary Dance
June 22 Wally Smulson Jane Simpson Summer Solstice
June 25 Mike Richard Darrah Chavey Sandwich Night
July 9 Dave Schulz Jerry Buckmaster  
July 23 Tommy Russell Wally Smulson Root Beer Float
July 30 Mike Kelly Al Krol No Passes
August 13 Jim Poorman Bishops No Passes
August 27 Sprostys   Fruit Night
September 10 Kevin Bersing Darrah Chavey
September 17 Jerry Junck Jerry Buckmaster No Passes - Location to be determined
September 24 Jim Poorman Al Krol Pie Night
October 8 Bobby Poyner Jerry Buckmaster No Passes
October 22 Jason Raleigh Bishops Chili Dump - No Passes
October 29 Kurt Braffet Jerry Buckmaster Halloween
November 12 Fred Walker Kathy Nickels Patriotic/Turkey Certificate Night
November 26 Noah Siegman Jerry Buckmaster Thanksgiving Eve
December 10 Mike Richard Jan Bitter Christmas Cookies
December 31 Kevin Bersing Jerry Buckmaster New Years Eve - No Passes

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